The Focus Rises is a personal to-do list with productivity features based on science.

Work Intervals

A lot of Pomodoro Timers available use 25 minute work interval followed by 5 minutes of rest. Every fourth or so interval, take a longer rest of about 15-20 minutes.

However, you can do more! Based on research on ultradian rhythm by people such as Nathaniel Kleitman, the concept of the Basic Rest Activity Cycle (BRAC) emerged. Through his research, and that of other scholars such as Ernest Rossi, Anders Ericsson and Peretz Lavie, a 90-minute work interval is ideal. This is followed by 15-20 minutes of rest.


For optimal productivity, you need to prioritize your to-do's. Most people will naturally chose to work on the easiest, fastest tasks on their todo list. What really productive people do instead is to focus on the most important task first. When that one is completed, they re-prioritize.

Remember to break up larger tasks into manageable chunks.

Use Background Sounds

Listening to ambient sounds or instrumental music such as classical has also been found to help people focus. While you of course are free to put on your own music, The Focus Rises has built-in background sounds to block out distractions and help you focus.

Make Yourself Accountable

Keep a list of all your completed tasks. If you're putting in the time but not accumulating completed tasks, you need to improve your work process and minimize distractions.



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